DM6446 Wi-Fi

TI DaVinci DM6446 WLAN Wireless Module

DM6446 Wi-Fi / WLAN Wireless Module

DM6446 Wi-Fi Overview

DM6446 Wi-Fi (WLAN) Module Package (Model:DM6446-WIFI/E) includes a Wi-Fi Nano Board connected with the DM6446-EVM to transfer video and audio data via the wireless network.

DM6446 Wi-Fi Hardware

The hardware for DM6446 Wi-Fi Module Package includes all the components of DM6446 EVM (DM6446 core board and DM6446 expansion board - Click here to see the detailed specifications of DM6446 EVM) with the following additional components:

  • Wi-Fi / WLAN Nano Board
  • 5V Power Adapter for Core & Expansion Boards
  • RS232 Cable
  • Ethernet Cable
  • A/V Cables

DM6446 Wi-Fi Specifications

  • Wireless Standard

    • IEEE 802.11b/g, 802.11i, 802.11e, 802.11k (draft), and 802.11d.
    • Wi-Fi protected access (WPA)
  • Protocol

    • CSMA/CA with ACK
  • Frequency (MHz)

    • 2412, 2417, 2422, 2427, 2432, 2437, 2442,
    • 2447, 2452, 2457, 2462, 2467, 2472, 2484
  • Transmit Center Frequency Tolerance

    • +/-20ppm
  • Modulation

    • DBPSK, DQPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM and OFDM
  • Channel

    • 11 Channels for USA
    • 13 Channels for Europe
    • 14 Channels for Japan
  • Antenna

    • One Antenna RF Port (for transmitter and receiver)

DM6446 Wi-Fi Software

The DM6446 Wi-Fi Module runs pre-programmed MontaVista Linux with Video Encode and Decode Demo.

The DM6446 Wi-Fi Module provides the following additional software and full source code:

  • DM6446 Wi-Fi Board Linux Driver
  • MontaVista Linux 2.6 with TI DaVinci™ Board Support Package Source Code
  • Linux Target File System
  • Bootloader Source Code
  • ARM & DSP GEL files
  • Board Support Library
  • Flash Programmer Source Code
  • Hardware Driver and Test Source Code
  • Compilers, Linkers, and Related Build Tools
  • DM6446 Quick Start Guide 2nd Edition
  • DM6446 Software Developer’s Guide 2nd Edition
  • DM6446 Core Board Schematic 2nd Edition
  • DM6446 Expansion Board Schematic 2nd Edition
  • Optional DSP codec(s) are available

DM6446 Wi-Fi Services

The DM6446 Wi-Fi Module Package includes 90-day World-Class Standard Technical Support and 1-Year Hardware Warranty Services.