DM6446 Packages: Evaluation Module, Development Board and Reference Design

DM6446 Evaluation Module / DM6446 Development Board

Hardware Features

  • TI DaVinci™ DM6446 Dual-Core DSP with ARM926EJ-S
  • 1Gbit 32-bit DDR2 Memory
  • NOR Flash, SD Card, SDHC Card up to 32GBytes
  • Composite Video Input(s) and Output

Software Features

  • DM6446 Real-Time Embedded Linux
  • DM6446 U-Boot Bootloader
  • DM6446 Driver Source Code
  • Compilers, Linkers and Build Tools

Reference Design

  • DM6446 Boards Design Schematics
  • DM6446 Boards PCB Layouts
  • DM6446 Boards Gerber Files
  • DM6446 Boards BOM (Bills of Materials)